Why do people prefer local businesses?

local businesses

Local businesses, or at least their basic concept, have existed since the beginning of humanity. People used to trade multiple items among themselves.

Then they started using precious metals to buy from their fellow tribe members.

A look back

As the world kept expanding, people farmed more and more items, more than what locals needed. They started selling those items out of their tribes and cities, which we now call export.

Then came the paper money in the 7th century, which we use now to purchase items.

People look for opportunities that are accessible and make their lives easier.

Local shops give people precisely what they want, accessibility.

You can’t just go to a mall every time you need some item of daily use. Also, malls are far away from the residents. And then all the hassle about parking the car, dragging the cart, and waiting in line for checkout is a lot.

Some business scholars like Alain Debenedetti, Harmen Oppewal, and Zeynep Arsel suggest that these local businesses are based on the gift economy.

According to them, this is entirely different from the daily cash-based system. This system is the gift-giving, trust, reputation, and obligations to fulfill these things.

You might have noticed that sometimes you forget your wallet or have less cash on hand; if you are in a mall, then they won’t leave you some slack. While these local businesses are happy to have you pay next time you visit.

No doubt that big malls and grocery stores provide us with variety and quantity, but we don’t want that every time. Also, introverts like me don’t have to deal with big crowds. God!

Why are local businesses important?

There are several reasons local businesses are essential. These businesses understand the needs of that society very well, more than the outsiders. They know the local market, as well as the demands of the people.

Every morning you jog down the street to buy some eggs, bread, and milk. You interact with the shopkeeper, and soon the familiarities grow, and you greet like brothers.

Your connection with your local mart is irreplaceable; that tiny store has been there since childhood. We all used to go there with our friends for some snacks and hang out.

I still remember the days when I used to save up some pennies to buy some snacks. Ahhh, those were the days. You don’t notice these things until they become a part of you.

Besides these local marts, local food vendors are also an essential part of us. Whenever you have that craving to eat something fresh, that vendor is the closest person to your needs.

The sense of connection that develops between you and the vendor is priceless.

You trust the quality of the food, and he trusts his reputation in your hand. In a way, you also act as an ambassador of business. Bring your friends along to try the hot dog you like or a glass of lemonade.

You and your friends could gather around the table and talk endlessly about the good times while tapping the ash or sipping a hot cup of tea at a café.

What are three reasons we all should support local businesses?

There is a multitude of reasons we should support local businesses. Often, we take them for granted unless a need comes by.

Few steps away

One of the significant benefits we discussed was the easy accessibility of these local businesses. You might not have noticed it before, but it is a blessing in disguise if you think about it.

Just wondering if you are in a hurry and missing something essential for your breakfast, now you won’t run to the supermarket, right?! The intelligent thing would be to go to the local store and fetch that thing.

You come home from work, tired, to make something for yourself. You can go to the local vendor and chat while he makes your food and then grabs it, come home and eat in peace while watching your favorite series.

Easy on nerves

Where do I even start with this one? The way these people treat you in a mall is nerve-racking. Bear the nagging behavior of other customers. They shove their trolley into you and try to act all innocent—these stupid kids crying on the floor to buy those toys.

You may have lost your children inside the mall. Good luck finding them again.

Speaking of children, the pressure they have to go through while their parents are gone is finding one item I swear they left on purpose while waiting in line. These are the things you endure while shopping.

What’s worse is to park your car in rush hours. Most of these malls have open parking. You might think twice about sitting inside.

The friendly behavior of these local shopkeepers spoils you with their excellent attitude and great customer service.

Local shops do not overwhelm you and are familiar with every nook and cranny. You go in there, grab what you want and dash out as simple as that. Pay before you dash out.

Our needs

You get to know the worth of these local shops while you have an emergency. Be it a tire repair shop, a pharmacy, or a bakery.

Often, these local businesses come clutch. Sometimes you do not have your car with you to go far, and if you need something, you won’t wait for your car to return.

More so, if one of your children has eaten something messy and is now ruining the toilet, you could quickly grab one medicine from the local shop until you get your appointment with the doctor.

Sometimes you crave to eat a pastry or something. You can go to your local bakery, get something fresh and eat in peace.

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