When Americans used to hate hotel workers

hate hotel workers

Did Americans really hate hotel workers?

When I first searched it, it seemed like a joke people on the internet would pull off, but it is not. As it turns out, Americans did indeed used to abhor hotel workers.

These revelations go back to the nineteenth century which makes one wonder, were hotels even that advanced back then to accompany a separate staff authority, and if so, why the hatred towards people who were there to serve you?

What were the reasons?

Many popular writers have even mentioned their disliking towards them saying things such as, the workers pretend to be there by accident, completely clueless about what to do and what needs to be done. Mannerism was a top-tier priority at that time and people who failed to fulfill it were often part of the wrath.

No doubt it was hard to please the merchants and elites at that time which put a lot of pressure on the owners, to maintain the reputation at hand. The remarks from elites were taking into high consideration and that gave less space for a chance of blunder.

Phrases like ‘he can keep a hotel’ were often used to describe people who were good and persistent at his job. One reason to support the sloppiness of the workers was the lack of experience. With no prior information as to how well a hotel could be managed would have been difficult as one could imagine.

But that was no excuse to stop the blunt and straightforward remarks of the guests towards them. Since people had been striving to find work those days, replacements had been surprisingly easy.

This is why the managers had taken full responsibility for any lack of proper work and that person would have been asked to leave immediately.

What was life before hotels?

Closely observing how the American lifestyle had modified over the years, it had served as a compelling factor towards peoples’ attitude. People before the nineteenth century used to accompany guests at their houses or small private cottages.

The house help was also considered to be trustworthy and the guests felt safe with their privacies protected. In addition to that, the house help was also comfortable in serving the guests and being more obliged to be at their service. They took better care of the guests as they were fewer in numbers and treated them as part of the family. As the years went by, people needed a more spacious place to reside which paved way for the hotels and eventually; the workers.

Many hold the belief that lack of good service towards the people was also a reason of hatred towards the people. The guests didn’t feel comfortable with the constant lurking of the staff and hence used aggressive remarks towards them. They required people who took better care of them than just some wage workers who were there for the money regardless of how the job was done.

The staff was often ridiculed for the way they used to dress. Some said that their dressing was indifferent from that of the elites and that was infuriating for them. Americans, as one could say, didn’t seem to digest the fact that people who were part of a considerably low economic status could dress up similar to them.

Stereotypical behavior was also very common. The maids were treated more harshly than the male employees and were often labeled as thieves.

They were constantly called out for bad service such as using the same dishes without cleaning and not providing the guests with clean towels. All in all, it can be observed that people were not pleased with hotel workers and were not shy about it either.

Have things changed now?

As years went by, we can see how that attitude has drastically changed. Not only have people adapted to a much happier attitude but the quality of service has peaked to a higher level.

Now people are much more comfortable staying at a hotel as they are fulfilled with all kinds of requirements. People are becoming more verbal about what they wish to see and the wishes are readily fulfilled.

What’s more, is that hotels are one of the most established businesses out there. Millions of people are investing money into this market in hopes of a better future for the economy and to help people feel more comfortable away from home.

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