Washington DC was once a tourist Destination

Washington DC

Today Washington DC hosts around 25 million visitors every year. From Lincoln Memorial to National Air and space museum, tourists from all over the world visit these historical places.

As per statistics, Lincoln memorial alone had a visitor count of around 7.96 million in 2017. But have you ever thought when Dc became a big tourist attraction?

The Backstory

Washington DC wasn’t an ideal destination before becoming the capital of the United States. Back in 1800’s things used to be completely different. Visitor count was rare. But with time, the city got evolved. The government put in efforts in making it one of the best destinations in the country.

Turning Point

The decision of making it the capital of the country turned out to be a historic one. Because after this decision, the Ground realities of Washington DC changed rapidly.

From being a mess to seeking the attraction of millions around the globe, DC has covered a long distance. Today Dc has an annual budget of $15.4 Billion.


The tourism sector of Washington DC also plays a vital role in making the economy strong. In 2019, Visitors spent around $8.15 billion in Washington DC.

More than 78 thousand people are earning because of travel and tourism in Washington DC. On the arrival of every 314 Visitors, one new job is created in Washington DC.

Washington DC


In 2009, Around 1.8 million people came to Washington for President’s oath. This was the largest gathering for an oath ceremony.

The tradition went back to the Oath ceremony of the 7th president of the United States. When thousands of people gathered in DC. To witness the historic ceremony. Official events are also one of the reasons behind the rapidly growing number of visitors to DC.


Washington Dc may not have a lot of fun for you as compared to other highlights Like Times Square in New York City, Walt Disney World in Florida.

But One picture in front of the White House can make you famous within minutes. Lincoln memorial can give you the motivation to fight against all odds. Visiting Capitol can raise the spirit within you to make this world a better place to live through democracy.

Symbol of Unity

Washington DC is an example of how Successful nations preserve their history. DC was labeled as a mess by people. Now it is the center and identity of Millions from 50 different states.

During the past two centuries, we witnessed that Power to rule DC shifted from one president to another. DC has seen 46 presidents in office. Because of this unique honor, Washington Dc has a special place in the hearts of more than 300 million US citizens.

What to do in DC?

Politigory’s main goal is to give maximum information for our readers. As we are talking about Washington Dc. We have summarized few best places for you to visit in DC. First of all, don’t forget to stop by capitol hill. Pay a visit to the Lincoln memorial.

Take a picture in front of the White House. Go to World’s premier art museum. Have a look at Jefferson Memorial with spring cherry blossoms. Meet red pandas. Spy museum is there for all 007 fans. Rest we leave it to you. Plan, travel, and explore DC.

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