Our love for Pigeons

love for pigeons

Birds have always fascinated human nature and the men’s “love for pigeon” is an interesting narrative. People in history till the time are naturally attached to these beautiful creatures.

Parrots, Swans, Doves, albatross, peacock, blue jay, kingfisher, and many other birds are well-known avian’s who have always remained part of human attraction and nature beautifiers.

But the most significant among these all is the human love for Pigeon and the reason for this love is very engrossing.

A pigeon? No way, how a pigeon can be so qualified to be notable among a thousand avian’s?

It’s just a domestic bird people keep to entertain and spent their leisure time? the Reader’s mind will bomber with such type of questions after reading the word “Pigeon” You heard it right, but let me assure you after reading this your questions will be answered naturally.

We are going to talk about “Pigeons” so grab a cup of tea along with your favorite snack and be seated because this anecdote is going to be interesting for you.

The history behind pigeon’s origination

Every bird in the world keeps a deep history among itself, so now we will see the historical connection between humans and pigeons and we will explore the human’s “love for pigeons”.

For centuries, a man’s connection with pigeons remained significant due to the delicate and historical relationship between both the men and the autonomous creatures.

These alluring birds’ spices have always remained part of Human life for ages. we use to hear about the ultimate and heart soothing stories about the bond of men and birds but let me tell you, the most surprising facts about pigeons are yet to be unveiled.

Let’s start from the history, the pigeon’s life history discloses that the very first species of pigeon was found on Mesopotamian rock carvings dating back to 5000 years, these birds are originated from the tidal plains of Tigris and Euphrates.

Other images were also found during different historical excavations in northern Mesopotamia, Iraq, and Egypt during 3000 BC.

The reason for domesticizing pigeons during this era is still unknown but they remained a crucial part of human life for ages and the friendship between men and pigeons started some 5000 years ago.

love for pigeons
Pigeons of world war 1

Pigeon and the men’s mystery

Due to its natural and powerful capability of returning home from long distance, this robust bird is used as a messenger during different eras dating from 2500 BC till 21st century the use of pigeons as a messenger started during Franco-Prussian war during the 19th century.

Interestingly, Prophet Noah also kept a pair of pigeons in the Ark and later he sent the pair to search out for the safest land after the flood.

Greek and Romans were also fond of keeping pigeons, Christian and Sikh tradition knows pigeon as a sign of Holy spirit, bringing love peace, and wisdom to the people.

Pigeons were used to send messages during world wars 1 and 2, almost 32 pigeons were awarded for their outstanding performance during these wars “Cher Ami” is one of the most amazing performers that received Croix de Guerre (a notable military award of France) for its outstanding performance during these wars.

After the end of the war, these esthetic birds helped traders in trade and commerce matters by working as means of communication for traders.

Queen Elizabeth was also fond of pigeons her “love for pigeons” is another whole spectrum of her royal life. She was a true fancier and kept a huge flock of almost 200 Jacobins (a famous breed of pigeons). These pigeons were said to be used as messengers during the royal ship of her father and grandfather.

If we discern a personal trait of pigeon, it is known as one of the most loyal birds regarding companionship. A pigeon’s love for its companion can be judged by the fact that it won’t leave its companion alone no matter what situation they face.

Apart from the historical events pigeon has always remained a man’s Loyal companion, People keep these Birds as a hobby it can be kept and raised in a house so comfortably and easily.

The bird graces people’s most important life events like marriage. They are also beneficial for the environment of a certain area, as a predator they erase harmful insects naturally from the ecology. Some believers believe that feeding a pigeon brings good luck, peace, and prosperity to the family.

The above facts and shreds of evidence disclose that men and pigeons lived parallel for ages, pigeon have lived as part of every occasion rather it’s a religious ritual, a wedding ceremony, any trade matter or war issues pigeon remained a loyal companion with the human.

After knowing about the pigeon’s facts, it isn’t any secret to anyone that why our love for pigeons is ultimate.

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