Our love for comics

love for comics

Pictures always seek more attention than words, which is one of the core reasons behind the inclusion of portraits along with headlines in newspapers.

Just like words, pictures also narrate a story. Either it is depicting the innocence of a poor man, showing the mighty characteristics of a ruler, or highlighting a social issue.

Pictures leave a mark in the mind of viewers which ultimately forces them to formulate their own story while looking at it.

To take maximum advantage of this aspect, concepts of comics emerged. Under which people started narrating a story through several images arranged in a sequence. This concept emerged during the last century but with the arrival of digital media, it has evolved.

Comics that were once used to be on Sunday magazines can now be easily found on different social media platforms.

love for comics

Another factor which has played extremely important role in nourishing old comics concept is the famous meme Culture.

90’s kids, who were once addicted to comic books have now been shifted to digital media websites. In the beginning, the main intent behind comics was to entertain people but it has now been promoted to a broader spectrum.

During the past few years, we have seen that by utilizing comics people have raised some extremely important issues, which were once considered taboo to talk about.

The above-mentioned comic highlights the hypocritic behavior of people towards a specific community. This comic is an ideal example of how effectively comics can raise awareness regarding a specific issue.

Storytelling is an art, with no boundaries. There are a number of ways through which a story can be presented in front of people.

Some people rely on written scripts while others prefer videos and films but only creative minds are addicted to comics.

Their Love for comics is immeasurable. A comic requires much more creativity than writing a script or story but it has the ability to convey the message within a second in contrary to video and script on which you have to spend plenty of time to understand the context.

Love for comics was there since the last century but difficulty in accessing the material made things complicated. But now this issue has been resolved through social media.

love for comics

Earlier Comics were only limited to the entertainment industry but now with the enhanced level of creativity and ability to explain serious topics while staying on a lighter note resulted in the addition of comics to news tv screens and political pages of Newspapers.

People have realized that it is not necessary to think and talk about serious and hardcore issues in a formal way. The Limelight topics can be narrated casually.

The positive outcome of this development can be seen as nowadays youth is more involved in politics and national issues. Which is a good aspect for the brighter future of this world. Because young ones today are going to be the decision-makers of tomorrow.

One special feature of comic art is that it narrates the whole idea for the viewer within one picture. No matter you have background knowledge of the subject or not, you can get the basic idea right after looking at the content.

If given proper attention, Comic art has the ability to contribute in making the economy strong. In the year 2019, Only in North America Comic Art has generated a revenue of around $1.21 Billion.

The concept of making comics may evolve with passage of time and innovations in technology but love for comics will stay the same as it was a few decades back.

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