Nobility and Garlic: A stinking combo

Nobility and Garlic

When was the last time you have used Garlic? If your answer is today or yesterday. Then avoid reading this article. Because as per tradition you went down in terms of nobility.

Nobility and Garlic have strong ties. Garlic is one of the thousand items we take for granted. For you, it may be just a vegetable used in delicious dishes.

But for your ancestors, it was a matter of pride and Nobility. Because of its smell, they considered it a vegetable symbolizing Lesser Nobility.

But in reality, the comparison of Nobility and Garlic itself is stinking.

Garlic in the United States

Garlic was introduced by immigrants in America. It is an Asian product. People who traveled from Italy brought garlic to American soil.

In 1940s Garlic made its way to the households in the US. Despite all the strange beliefs attached to this vegetable. It became a necessary component of every Kitchen. Today America is on the list of the top 10 garlic producers.

The annual consumption of garlic in the United States alone is 250 million pounds. It took only 80 years to reach this level. Which is rapid growth.

History of garlic

Garlic Today

A vegetable that was supposed to represent the lower class now occupies 24000 to 26000 acres of land every year. America is now the world’s third largest importer of garlic. The number of garlic consumption in the United States got tripled during the past forty years.

Garlic is superstitious

Not just the class system but there are plenty of superstitious beliefs attached to this vegetable. Some consider garlic as a safety precaution from bad spirits.

While others have a firm belief that garlic assists in keeping mosquitos away.  Some people use it as a sleeping aid. While many suggest the use of garlic to prevent cold. Garlic has 600 varieties. Which is the reason behind all false beliefs.

Should we compare Garlic and Nobility?

Old customs of considering Nobility and garlic were wrong but let’s reverse facts and make old beliefs rights.

People who consume more Garlic should be considered as nobler. Because it has several advantages for your health. The more garlic in your body, the more chances you have for increasing Nobility.

Let’s Narrate some reasons why Garlic should be marked as a standard for nobility.

  • It helps in preventing heart disease
  • Assists in reducing BP
  • Lesser Chances of strokes
  • Combat against cancer

Weight loss and reduced sugar level

Garlic or any food should never be symbolized as a benchmark for nobility. Above mentioned advantages were just to make you aware of the advantages this vegetable has.

The Garlic economy

Globally, garlic market value was 527.4 million USD in 2019 which is expected to increase in the time frame of 2021 to 2027 and touches the value of 635.35 million USD.

Garlic By Country

When we talk about production,  Asian countries are top of the list. China is the leading producer. Whereas India and Bangladesh are on number two and three. Egypt is at number four. While South Korea secures the fifth spot in garlic production.

Poitigory and Garlic

Garlic adds taste to your food. In the same manner, Politigory adds taste to your reading experience.

We believe in presenting authentic information. So, whenever you use garlic in a delicious dish. Remove all the superstitious beliefs from your mind.

Enjoy the taste. Because Garlic not only makes food delicious but has many other advantages too.

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