Man Oh man! The work stress

work stress

Be it your exam or wedding night, or your first presentation, everyone gets this feeling of stress every once in a while. Work stress is not an emotion but instead a state of mind. The state of mind is good for you if you want maximum efficiency.

Is stress even beneficial?

Yes! You might not realize it because stress is always linked to a bad state of mind. But like all-natural responses in our body or brain, it serves a valuable purpose.

Having just the right amount of stress helps you in your daily life. It helps you do your work on time, clean your house, and do your homework. You get the point. In medical terms, the right amount of stress is called eustress, also known as true stress.

Eustress is more important than you think. A lot of people out there do not care about their job, family and even their health. These kinds of people lack eustress.

Due to a lack of work stress, they tend to be more irresponsible with their tasks. And it, in turn, has a lot of adverse effects on their lives and even on other people’s lives.

Like many other things in our life, the excess of anything can be harmful. The same goes for stress. When the stress kicks in, you need to get the work done and feel relief.

But some people do not have that luxury.

What is the impact of stress in the workplace?

Some people are constantly being bombarded with the responsibility of life. Sometimes the work stress can break even the toughest of people. These people never seem to catch a break.

Especially in the old days when people did not have much say in their work environment. They could not just tell their boss that they are burned out and get on with their life. They had to face some consequences.

At least nowadays, work stress is managed correctly in work environments. It not only increases the efficiency of the employees but also creates a more long-lasting relationship between the company and employees.

People cannot work correctly and efficiently when they are under constant stress. Some might try to keep the ball rolling, but eventually, they collapse. Dealing with the constant work stress could leave many people burned out.

The feeling of leaving your job for good and never going back is natural. When burned out, you might overreact because most bodily functions are exaggerated under stress. Most lose their cool every once in a while.

Source: verywellmind

These things are not suitable for you in the long run. It will cause you to have a bad image in your workplace, which might affect your promotions and worsen things even further.

Multiple reasons can cause a person to face work stress. Some of these are having constant disagreements with your boss, which is the most common. Others could be toxic colleagues that are always involved in workplace politics. And the last one could be the job that can cause you to do overtime.

Disagreement with boss

Most of the time, the people at the top do not realize their responsibilities as a leader. They want to act more like a boss. Always ordering around their employees, constantly nagging about small things.

They should show some leadership qualities. They appreciate their achievements and show their utmost support on the field. Developing trust is the best the boss can do. It would help him match the frequencies with his employees, so they instantly know what the boss is trying to convey.

Political workplace environment

Workplace politics is a real pain. The things that other colleagues do to take the spotlight are so crude. They will try to take the most work out of you, and they will try to take more credit. There is nothing worse than this.

Some people do not even value their responsibilities, and they blame others for their own deeds when something goes wrong. That’s what create a lot of tension in the workplace.

Due to excessive stress, the household of many people is also affected. Stress affects their relationship with children. Different people have different reactions. Some people try to isolate themselves from their family and friends. Others become abusive to their loved ones.

How do you handle work stress?

The most common thing that we get to relieve stress is our weekend. Try to make the most out of it. Spend the time doing things you love, and with people you love. Do not try to worry about the things that happened throughout the week.

You need to keep your head out of the past stress and enjoy the moment you are given. The weekend is the least every working man and woman gets. So, make it worth it.

Another reason most people are constantly stressed is that they delay their tasks. They keep on delaying their work till the deadline. The pressure keeps on piling up until they have to get it done, and when it comes, they are too stressed to get the work done.

The primary purpose of eustress, which we discussed in the beginning, was to be self-aware of our work and do it in time. You are not only delaying the work, but the silent reminder always lingers in your head, and you cannot even enjoy the things you are doing.

Discussing the problem you are facing with a trusted partner is better. They might have some good advice in hand for you. Even if they do not have anything to say, at least you will feel better to have things out of your chest.

Do not cut off your hobbies when you get into practical life. They might be hard to adjust to in your schedule in the beginning. Once you lose your temper at work or start to feel burned out, your hobby might be the only thing keeping you sane.

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