Japanese Anime Boom

japanese anime boom

We all enjoy anime series, from the early 60’s till now you will find billions of anime fans. But have you ever thought? From where this anime Culture originated?

Today Politigory is going to summarize all the information you need to know regarding the famous Japanese Anime.

Let’s Begin!

Kyoto, The Origin

Jan 01, 1907 marks the day when the first Anime picture was made in Kyoto, Japan. The journey begins more than 100 years ago from Japanese soil has now spread all over the globe.

There are billions of anime fans. Inaugural Kyoto-based anime depicted a sailor removing his hat and salute. This concept was new to people. Anime seek attention from the masses and especially in Japan, it got an overwhelming response.

The anime propaganda

Anime can be used to spread a specific narrative. In the late 90’s anime emerged as a popular subculture. Not only in Japan but in the big nations like the United States too.

The Japanese government encouraged animators during World War II to produce anime. With the goal of highlighting patriotism. Just like other countries, where songs and telefilms later were used as propaganda tools to influence the minds of people.

The Anime Timeline

Let’s have a quick look at the early Anime journey. First Anime was released in 1907. Then World War II anime got popularity in 1930. In 1945 first feature length anime was produced. 1946 witnessed the first work of Osamu. In 1961 Japanese audience watched the first televised anime series.

Osamu, Anime and Unites States

1960’s marked the beginning of Anime in the United States. Credit goes to Osamu Tezuka, a Japanese anime artist. Whose creation Astro boy got overwhelmed response. Not only in Japan but in the United States too. Then one after the other anime got exported from Japan to different parts of the globe. And turned people into die-hard fans.

japanese anime boom


The United States showed great interest in anime art since its inception. But one anime that got huge popularity in the United States was Pokémon. Which was a video game turned anime turned card game and much more. Fast forward to 2008 when Japan nominated the famous “Doraemon” character as the first anime ambassador.

Anime in Numbers

Talking about numbers, anime not only entertain but generate huge potential revenue. As per statistics, the anime market value was $21.91 Billion in 2019.

Which ultimately increased to $24.23 billion in 2020. Researchers claim that by 2027 this number will rise to $43.73 Billion. This shows that Japanese-origin anime still has a bright future.

The Positive Rivalry

Like other genres, Netflix is targeting the famous anime series too. They have exposed the audience to a huge library of anime collections. Netflix emerged as a game-changer in this regard, because it has changed the anime used to sell.

In the Early days, fans have to wait for years to get their favorite anime series. Some might have paid hundreds of dollars to get the original copy.

But with the arrival of Netflix and other streaming platforms, these practices have changed and got modernized. Now you just need a Netflix subscription to access your favorite anime anytime.

Ease in Anime

Ease to access the content is the biggest benefit. Because of rivalry between different streaming platforms. All the streaming platforms, are in line to provide the best user experience for their subscribers.

From the early 1900’s when anime was not even exposed to people outside Japan to this digital era. Where content rivalries are at their peak. Anime culture made its way to the hearts of billion around the globe.

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