Coldest Capital in the World: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Coldest capital in the world

When we think of the words “coldest capital in the world” we usually think of Canada or Europe. But what if we told you that was not the case? And there are many colder places in the world. The coldest place in the world is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Its average temperature is 29.7 degrees Fahrenheit which is about -1.3 degrees Centigrade.

How do figure out what is the coldest places in the world?

The capital cities in the South are not very cold any time of the year because of their location. Since they are so far down south, they hardly ever become unbearably cold. If we think about Wellington, New Zealand which is considered to be the southern-most capital, there are hardly any snowcapped peaks or blizzard storms to be found there.

So, it is safe to say that the coldest capital in the world had to be towards the Northern Hemisphere side. If we search for the coldest places in the world on, we can find relevant information on which city is the coldest capital in the world.

List of coldest cities

Although Ottawa, Canada is considered to be one of the coldest capitals in the world, its average temperature is only said to be 41.9 degrees Fahrenheit which is 5.5 degrees Centigrade. Ironically, it was not even in the top 5 list of coldest places in the world.

On number one we have Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and it is on the top for a reason. Ulaanbaatar has an average temperature of 29.7 degrees Fahrenheit/-1.3 degrees Centigrade. It is the largest city in Mongolia and is also a popular place for business as well as vacations.

The temperature there is below 5 degrees for almost 5 months of the year and January and February are considered to be the coldest months. The average temperature is -1.3 degrees Centigrade.

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Located on the banks of the Ishim River, this flat land city is the second-largest city in Kazakhstan. It was first known as Astana and the name changed to Nur-Sultan in 2019. It was after a unanimous vote in the parliament to rename the capital, named after their former president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The temperature of Kazakhstan is extreme. It can become very hot in summers with the average temperature being 35 degrees Centigrade and in winters, the temperature can fall below -35 degrees Centigrade. This is usually between early March and mid-December.

Ottawa, Canada

Not only is Ottawa the capital city of Canada, but it is also its fourth-largest city. It the most educated city as well as having the highest living standard in Canada. It is located in southern Ontario along the Ottawa River.

The winters here are quite cold and snowy just like we see in the movies. The average temperature in January can reach a minimum of -14.4 degrees Centigrade/6.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in summers, however, shoots up.

Moscow, Russia

Mosco is the capital city of Russia. It is also the largest city on the European continent. It is situated on the Moskva River and has a large forest area surrounding it. Moscow is known for its parks and creative architecture. The winters of Moscow are always long and slow as they last a long period, from November until March.

The average temperatures in Moscow in winters are -25 degrees Fahrenheit/-13 degrees Centigrade in the city and 5 degrees Centigrade/41 degrees Fahrenheit in the suburbs. In summers, the temperature takes somewhat of a shift.

Coldest capital in the world

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital as well as the largest city of Finland. It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland situated on 315 islands.  The temperatures in Helsinki are affected by the North Atlantic Current as well as the Baltic Sea which has an opposite effect on the temperature, cooler in summers and warmers in winters.

The temperature in January and February is an average of -5 degrees Centigrade/23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and also the largest city. It is located on Faxa Bay and is considered to be the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state. Just like Helsinki, the temperatures in Reykjavik are also affected greatly by the North Atlantic Current which is an extension of the Gulf Stream.

The winters are usually warmer than expected (-15 degrees Centigrade/5 degrees Fahrenheit) and cooler in summers (15 degrees Centigrade/59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital as well as the largest city of Estonia. It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and the northernmost part of Estonia. The city is an interesting blend of ancient Medieval and modern times. It is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Europe.” It has the highest number of startups per person in Europe.

Since it is located on the coast, the winters are cold but still warmer for being situated on the latitude. The coldest month of the year is February with an average temperature of -4.3 degrees Centigrade/24.3 degrees Fahrenheit. In winters, the city is almost frozen but summers are easier with an average temperature of 21 degrees Centigrade/70 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, now that you have the complete guide to the coldest capitals in the world, you better be sure to pack all your possible coats and jackets if you ever want to visit.

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