American Quest for Cinnamon

Quest for Cinnamon

We all have some kind of obsessions in our lives. Which force us to try again and again to achieve something. Sometimes because of these obsessions, we even cross our limits.

The same happened with few European kings. Their quest for cinnamon cost them many lives and assets. Cinnamon is a spice mainly used in different kinds of dishes.

Historian narrate that several emperors were so fond of this spice. They have spent years finding this spice in different parts of the world.

The Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizzaro especially recruited his brother and assigned him the task of finding “The land of cinnamon”. He desperately wanted to discover cinnamon, as it was expensive in different European countries.

Quest for Cinnamon

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice. It is used in different cuisines and dishes. It has several health benefits. It is considered to be a substance with strong medicinal characteristics. It is obtained from the branches of trees known as Cinnamomum.

Origin of cinnamon

Cinnamon can be found in three regions of the world. Southeast Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. The struggle to discover this origin has made history.

Especially the attempts to discover American cinnamon gave historians much to write. Because 2500 years ago, people were desperate to discover the mysterious origin of this spice.

Quest for Cinnamon
Guyot’s The Earth Common School Geography – 1868

Cinnamon is overrated?

The answer to this question is a big NO. Because this spice not only makes food delicious but it has a number of other advantages. If we go back to the medieval period, doctors used it to treat different throat diseases.

Today after years of research, it is considered a cure for many fungal infections. It assists in reducing blood pressure. Cinnamon is also being utilized in treating major diseases like Alzheimer’s and HIV.

Cinnamon in the United States

Cinnamon has two types. Households in the United States mainly use cassia. Which is relatively cheaper than the other type i.e., Ceylon. But with the passage of time, Ceylon is becoming more popular in North America because it has many major advantages.

Economic Impact

In the year 2019 United States imported Cinnamon worth $124M. America exported this spice from Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Israel. Which made America the biggest importer of Cinnamon in the world.

Cinnamon is a fun spice

Cinnamon is not just an ordinary spice. There are many strange events attached to it. Let’s explore a few of them!

A roman emperor Nero used Cinnamon to show his grief, after his wife’s death.

How he showed grief with spice? One fine day Nero argued with his wife. The problem began when his wife argued with him about spending too much time at races.

On this, Nero became furious and kicked his wife very hard in the stomach. She couldn’t resist and died immediately. At her Funeral pyre, he burnt as much cinnamon as he could.

Spice was not too common at that time, it was rare. Therefore, through this act, he tried to show his grief.

Today people will call you mad if you ever burn cinnamon in the memory of someone. But you can surely utilize it for many reasons. It can enlighten your hair. If you are tired of mosquitoes, use few drops of its oil on your skin and it will keep insects away from your body.

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